homemade bird spikes pigeon proof perfect i can make my own picture of diy bird spikes picture of diy bird spikes picture of bend spikes diy bird spikes picture of step back and marvel at the savings do it yourself diy pigeon control make your own bird spike strips from old fencing while deterring perching bird spikes may not shift birds able to build large nests and in fact can help them by providing a support to build the nest on with a pair of long nose pliers bend the four 1 8 inch spikes forward as shown below bird spikes 4 diy bird spikes angled box of bird spikes a spike made on a disc to er a small area how to keep birds off the roof factory snless steel anti bird spike the guard rails label 3 also have spikes the spikes discourage birds from perching on these parts of the trap thus preventing them from escaping easily birdspikes jpg no more birds plastic pigeon spikes video diy bird spikes for purchase homemade pigeon control spikes with nails in wood bird spikes poor quality the improvements in the homemade bird trap are the adjule guard rails and the built in spikes on the guard rails and funnels snless steel bird spike 1 snless steel bird spike 2 bird spikes to deter pigeons bird net attached to wood siding using 3 8 1 2 inch 6063 aluminum u channel wall thickness 1 16 snless steel s attach it to the siding and three feral pigeon traps bird spikes on windows bird spike closeup picture of diy bird spikes installing bird barrier bird coil hot foot bird repellent gel bird spikes outside homemade bird control spikes nest building deter pigeon spikes now defender 12 extra wide snless steel pigeon spikes bird spikes on signage gkss 5 stop nuisance bird from landing bird spikes bird coil gkpc 74 natural pigeon seagull deter spikes pigeon trap screen to block pigeons on windows defender seagull spikes gull control birds digestive system birds vs monkeys rio birds chirping ambient birds chirping wav