here is one i have had a lot of luck with not homemade but bought don t laugh it gets them to stop for a standing still shot every time here is mine i have only killed one coyote while using it but i don t take it out much i always worry it will scare them off make a predator decoy for 5 video you premium you premium how to make a motion decoy for 10 you predator hunting coyote hunting how to make a homemade predator decoy hunting taxidermy wonderhowto a 24 inch length of 1 4 threaded steel rod was used for the stake with a piece of flat iron welded to the lower end of the stake to step the stake here is the cat tou decoy just a little camo paint and yer ready you can try lots of diffe toppers available at pet smart how to make a homemade predator decoy homemade predator decoy collage of coyote decoys coyote hunt decoy double caught on video here is my setup the head rotates at 43 rpm we used two decoys monday all day and neither used the battery up i just replace the original with a very small gear motor some times coyotes would stalk it other times coyotes would mow it down coyote decoy gallery 3 homemade predator decoy here is an easy to construct variation on the wendell s weasel ball decoy the random action occurs because the l hits i have also put together some turkey feathers that i may try on the end of this wire rather than the weasel you could also use a 3 16 rod in place of files for diy e callers and ideas for predator decoys homemade predator decoy a dead summer coyote killed using turkeys decoys rabbit decoy river decoys weasel ball coyote decoy decoy6 coyote hunting 5 decoy homemade you coyote capers and house cat concerns coyote hunting 5 decoy homemade altad jeepsta 2009 homemade diy predator decoy coyote being spotted at night picture courtesy of google images decoy3 amazon mojo outdoors critter predator decoy hunting decoys sports outdoors decoy1 coyote decoy i found this roadkill fox and got my taxidermist to do it up roughly for 90 worked just a pain to carry around ryan how to hunt coyotes with a decoy amazon mojo outdoors critter predator decoy hunting decoys sports outdoors decoys don t leave home without them homemade diy motion feeder duck decoy swimming decoy goose hunting homemade pidgeon decoys pidgeon hunting 5 pet weasel ball diy coyote decoy hack you coyotehuntingdecoy coyotehuntinghowtomake coyotehuntingdiy coyote hunting with live cottonl coyote decoy calling with a diaphragm call homemade goose repellent decoys feeding wild geese encourages them to stay through the season when harris was questioned about what would happen when does came running in to that fawn distress call he explained that does help decoy the coyotes amazon mojo outdoors critter predator decoy hunting decoys sports outdoors coyote watching for prey