homemade reflux distilling column modern distillation column building the condenser section of the still diy distillation part 1 picture of build a lab quality ish distillation apparatus fractionating column homemade copper still figure 2 a re flux still produces a pure form of high proof alcohol by re distilling the alcohol as it travels up the column to the condenser and photo distillation reflux principle the fractionating column can only work when the plates are holding a boiling mixture of water and alcohol mercial reflux still 1 sieve design the ultra pure still the rectifying column helps with the distillation process to ensure that our end s are the purest possible asdistillery homemade columns how booze is made the basics of column distillation 064 homemade still diagram 2 inch distillation column john v s beer whisky batch running from my home made column still picture of distillation theory second column cleaning run fractionating column model of a continuous homemade still 1 this is methanol which must not be drunk and you should throw away the first 100ml of distillate to ensure your alcohol is free of methanol the breathtaking beauty of diy whiskey distillation picture of build a lab quality ish distillation apparatus what you cant see in the photo is the plumbline i have on the column i put cardboard under the sides of the keg until the column is perfectly vertical household apparatus for distillation of alcohol snless steel gl column csp30462349 makeshift malt smoker electric smoker at the bottom w pot of peat moss and a column from a charcoal smoker in the middle to hold the grain for smoking image led make vodka step 12 reflux still plan instructions this type of still has a column that turns downward through a cooling jacket diagram of 2 column continuous feed still picture water jacket reflux still john v has built a small basket that sits in the top of his distillation column to hold the berries and herbs picture of how to make a copper reflux still learn to make a fractional distillation column snless steel industrial flute alcohol distillation column copper pipe moonshine pot still distilling column diy beer keg kit 2 tri cl