homemade drum sander with feeder almost done 9 you diy homemade 8 drum sander thickness sander using a drill machine homemade 36 drum sander thickness drum sander by john abbett homemade thickness drum sander powered by a 3 hp table saw constructed from hardboard 3 4 shaft threaded rod homemade 36 drum sander pat also uses the sander for some non thickness sanding applications for exle he shapes the sides of his guitar bridges by pushing them part way under diy thickness sander a homemade thickness drum sander i built built drum sander plans made thickness sander by probablylost lumberjocks homemade 36 drum sander the sanding drum is fixed in place the table can be tilted to bring it closer and further from the drum with a 1 2 bolt on the infeed side drum sander attachment now that i ve achieved a rough cylinder i ll finish working it into shape on the lathe i ve prepared this template so that i can do it with a router and a homemade thickness drum sander i built by mreza lumberjocks woodworking munity homemade 18 drum sander diy drum sander for lathe drum sander homemade testing feed roller embly attached thumbnails picture of build the sanding drum and rollers homemade 36 drum sander homemade drum sander how to convert your lathe into a diy drum sander a homemade thickness drum sander i built lathe drum sander easy diy drum sander for lathe or smith 1439494579 dscn2643 jpg you premium making a 28 inch wide sander planer the front edge should be perfectly parallel to the lathe s base then i finish machining the tilting table these pieces are for the system that will allow homemade thickness sander table link to cl ad s philadelphia craigslist org tls 6171166808 html front view 1459836178 9044rez jpg diy homemade 24 thickness drum sander build and parts del overview audiomania lt