this video is unavailable how to build a geiger counter radiation detector from household materials picture of boxing it up in short it will pick up most mildly radioactive objects such as uranium sles am 241 smoke alarm sources developing the homemade radiation detector in breadboard homemade radiation detector test altruistic hacking the rise of the diy radiation detector altruistic hacking the rise of the diy radiation detector hacks mods circuitry gadget hacks an improved transistor circuit for the ionization chamber radiation detector with 11 x 5 x 1 5cm dimensions and single aaa battery i left enough e for aa battery on the board elec science project the ion chamber is connected to the multimeter as shown here heres some dels on using electroscopes as radiation detectors and they can be made with no electronics or batteries so are easy to make i packaged the whole thing up in a metal power supply box i pulled out of an old printer and used way too much hot glue to hold everything down home built radiation detector simple radiation detector embled in 3 minutes there are similar diy radiation detectors out there but none of them can be m manufactured consistently at such a low cost the following section conns some of the earliest portable radiation detection instruments radiation detector and meter dt 590a pdr 56f scintillation probe ionisation chamber mouth step build a cloud chamber geiger counters cost a lot so i built something a radiation detector using a soup can and a single transistor low cost scintillation probe based on a surplus xp3312 pmt for ludlum ratemeters electricity electronics science project schematic of ionization chamber pin diode detector homemade radioactivity detector ftempo a homemade kfm an accurate dose rate meter for mering dose rates from 30 mr hr 0 03 r hr up to 43 r hr homemade geiger counter rf developing the homemade radiation detector in breadboard a radiation detector with a solid state pin diode sensor ilration single thread threaded through 4 holes to make 2 stop threads self made electromagnetic radiation detector circuit 1 get ations dollarbid electromagnetic radiation detector em meter dosimeter hot schematics of an ionization chamber left and a geiger counter right geiger counter radiation detector diy kit arduino patible ver 3 00 w o gm rh electronics radiation sensor circuit diagram diy radiation detector radio frequency radiation detector