homemade reverse hyper for garage or home gym diy reverse hyper homemade reverse hyperextension machine the reverse hyper is a great exercise for targeting your posterior chain which prises of the lower back glutes euclywm jpg diy reverse hyper homemade reverse hyperextension machine diy reverse hyper garage gym garage gym athlete diy homemade reverse hyper machine like many topics concerning strength and conditioning the use and application of a reverse hyper machine is polarizing to say the least image homemade reverse hyper machine simple diy rack mounted reverse hyper reverse hyper top homegym homemade reverse hyper machine view image here is the setup in my bat gym i already had the squat rack built a long time ago i picked up the bench at a garage for 5 diy reverse hyper homemade reverse hyperextension homemade ftempo hyperextension reverse hyper bench rugged fitness hyperextension bench exercises rh 2m rogue hyper 3x3 mount reverse hyper machine it is very similar to the old rogue reverse hyper but it es with strap and the ability to used 45lb plates the old rogue reverse hyper had roller and so i bought all the supplies and then it sat for several months until i finally got working on it as i was putting things together i realized the 2x10 reverse hyperextension with ghd glute ham reverse hyper bench i ve built plenty of them there really isn t anything special about them except for the movement itself here s a few i ve built for myself homemade reverse hyper plans homemade ftempo well some progress has been made it s no longer apile of lumber now it s a pile of lumber and a platform first here s the scrounged padding phil johnson reverse hyper diy homemade attachment for michael i just watched the video that you linked did you see how violent that guy moved my back spine hurt just watching it