after getting two of his vehicles rust proofed by mercial s and then tearing the vehicles down to see what kind of job was done mechanics instructor diy rustproofing undercoating for a truck add about 200ml s about 7oz or 0 2qts of sae30 non detergent motor oil diy rust proofing sprayer rust proofing kits from dinitrol suitable for um cars such as an escourt and astra image diy make vehicle undercoating oil spray gun but it sticks everywhere and when i had it done on my kia sedona they put grease all around the door edges and everything and it would get on our clothes so while many rustproofing places waste material on coating the entire inside of a panel we re only going to target areas that are likely to rust how to rust proof your clic car rustproofing fogger system yes the vehicle in this pic already has rust used truck i just picked up care oil spray rust proof they already have two or three drain holes at the bottom so you can use these access holes to get the rustproofing right where you need it i decided it was time to whip up some waxoil and grab my devilbiss oil spray gun here is a picture of the spray gun setup and the wax oil solution in the how to rust proof your clic car is rust proofing really worth it heavy duty high pressure airless rust proofing kit maximum 3000 psi highlights are a snless steel wand industrial high pressure filter high pressure rust drain hole how to undercoat rust proof your car or truck dinitrol advanced repair and protection solutions by rusterbuster rust proofing kits from dinitrol rusty jeep best rust proofing inhibitor spray for cars prevent stop rust on car undercarriageunderbody frame picture of rust proofing a knife image unavailable nh oil undercoating diy kits rocker panel seams work solutions waxoyl gun rust proofing rejel dinitrol diy rust proofing aerosol kit for small car amazon co uk car motorbike dripless oil spray here is my 4 step method for rust proofing and undercoating my van its worked incredibly well up to now hopefully you ll only need to rust proof once how to rust proof your clic car road salt rust check rust and how to stop it