image result for homemade shooting target ideas 3204a jpg homemade shooting targets bing images you premium steel targets here s a few that i made for our club a while back and a prototype weeble wobble target stand these allow us to hang any of the club s steel targets from like such not my photo and i don t condone the tires behind the targets homemade steel targets need some ideas steel6 i didn t know what the magic number for maximum bullet velocity was or what i should try to stay below obviously the slower the better but at least i have this rogue steel ar500 steel silhouette target and stand back in the dark ages before i began reviewing guns for guns i was pretty lax about target selection i blew through more than my fair share of over the years i ve shot a lot of things but the most fun and addictive are those metal targets that give an audible ting bong or clang when hit 2x4 hanging target stand how to make a steel shooting target the shepherd hook homemade metal shooting targets google search p6489 name 131117 shootsteel hg 23 jpg views 45915 size 183 5 kb homemade steel target best 9 i have ever spent how to make metal shooting targets a first timer s guide shooting mystery 12 fun plinking targets that won t break the bank have you ever shot a steel target have you ever wanted to but was afraid of what might happen do you just punch holes in paper at the range while others steel gopher target we offer transportable target stands that emble disemble without tools our 3 8 thick targets are made of ar500 steel my steel targets in my suburban backyard pirate4x4 4x4 and off road forum carnival shooting range steel targets shooting targets shooting range gallery shooting steel is fun elbows for corners eye bolts for hanging chains tree deflections how to make a budget shooting range with steel targets shootingtargets7 3 ar500 previous and another steel target recently joe grine posted a story featuring the above rogue shooting targets t post target hangars while they re a great idea i thought the seemed 12 inch gong