homemade drum sander with feeder almost done 9 you homemade thickness drum sander diy homemade 8 drum sander thickness sander using a drill machine built drum sander plans made thickness sander by probablylost lumberjocks making a 28 inch wide sander planer homemade 36 drum sander homemade 36 drum sander build your own free thickness sander from your tablesaw plans homemade thickness sander pat also uses the sander for some non thickness sanding applications for exle he shapes the sides of his guitar bridges by pushing them part way under a homemade thickness drum sander i built you premium 098 131 01 homemade 36 drum sander homemade drum sander build your own drum sander diy homemade 24 thickness drum sander build and parts del overview the sanding drum is fixed in place the table can be tilted to bring it closer and further from the drum with a 1 2 bolt on the infeed side many many thanks to the other drum sander builders who have taken the time to post their projects to the web you guys got me motivated here is a k at a few of the over 40 drawings in the sketchup plans drum sander plans drum sander plans built drum sander plans thickness sander drum sander plans ideas image building a drum sander table here is a k at a few of the over 40 drawings in the sketchup plans table as you can see i ll use this pvc pipe for that purpose i ll cut it lengthwise and like this so that i can insert it in the sanding drum how to make a simple thickness sander build along so i changed the design so that the drum s stiffness es from a 1 shaft 1439494579 dscn2643 jpg 1 build your own belt sander por mechanics 1956 using a drum sander in the supermax 19 38 v drum sander build part 1 lathe drum sander thickness sander plans the drum began as 3 diameter mdf half round from rockler i ran a core box bit down the center of each side for the shaft on the router table 21 drum sander tips