10 ways to deal with ants in the garden if ants bee a problem there are several ways to control them in the garden ants provide natural pest control and other benefits how do i get rid of ants in my garden ants often farm aphids much like the way humans farm cows how to eliminate ants from your garden ant tactics for ant free garden how to rid your plants of ants get rid of ants garden jpg how to get rid of fire ants in your plants how to get rid of ants in the garden jpg caption ants farm aphids so they can eat the honeydew they excrete ant s available at lifestyle home garden black ants in garden ants in garden how to get rid of ants ants in the garden good or bad how to get rid of ants in the house identifying garden ants black garden ants marching on tree bark scientific name lasius niger kaluga region central russia ants are cleaners they eat and help depose organic matter in the soil enriching the soil ants also eat pest insects such as a winged female ant dominates the center of this image once she starts her own black garden ant allegheny mound ants up close there are all sorts of ants some that do great damage to lawns and some like fire ants you wouldn t want to have anywhere near a lawn ants are beneficial to your garden they de pact and aerate the soil aid deposition and also kill pests how to deal with ants in the garden fire ant on leaf bud fire ant on leaf bud ants aren t your enemy watering dry soil heavily can encourage ants to move along antint leaves after 5 ways deal with ants in your vegetable garden sean s allotment garden derby lane 260 how to deal with ants using household s sooty mould ala f03cca jpg controlling fire ants in vegetable gardens alex wild epiphytes in costa rica how to control fire ants lawn ants beneficials in the landscape 56 fire ants can bad bugs do good things place ant deterring smells around the base of the plant