charles fielder dard elizabethton tennessee richard tetrick charlie bowman laura graham and tyler tetrick pictured richard tetrick president of tetrick funeral and cremation services brooks monroe hoe caregiver of the year award winner for 2017 dr douglas cole eleanor rae hansford hton harold lingerfelt c kenneth brumit james marshall jim vaughn sr james bert brinkley randy cleveland mckinney lt paul brian bull durham kathryn bradshaw peters ronald terry pat smith phyllis davenport michael leland pierce photo contributed the tetrick family has a long history of supporting the munity and providing a william ernest montgomery virginia e peters josephine ritchie williams tom white jimmie lee orr joseph floyd storie and to start a funeral home in johnson city in november 2001 we look forward to serving families and offering support to those grieving for many years chase seeley obituaries ruth street mary jo mcneal stephen steve presnell don tetrick michael todd montgomery dr frederick w norris cheryl simerly frey katherine laporte lucille powell eleanor ann robinson paul david brown sr lloyd f wiseman edith h collins robert whitfield bud thomas sr dixie broome bobby h harding sherry j chambers carmon e dugger sr charles chuck w payne steve dugger patsy carol lovelace johnson